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Yes several of us see the Notice.  You are welcome to leave posts here. They will be held for moderation and I have limited access during the day.

Chipmenot Blog Policies

Welcome to  Discussions of pet microchip issues are welcome.  We are in opposition to mandates for pet microchips and otherwise consider it a risk/benefit issue for each pet and their guardian.

Civil discourse is of prime importance, although some allowance may be made for emotional issues.  Comments containing profanity, obscenity, violence or hateful identity politics will be subject to moderation.  Please limit religious expressions to a simple sentence or less as rants will also be subject to moderation.

We are open to humans who have voluntary microchip implants and would share their experience.  As much as we sympathize with those who have involuntary human implant problems, this is not the forum for that topic.

It is our intent to post information and share ideas.